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We always love when a sexy smoky eye makes an appearance on the runway. Though sometimes a dramatic eye can be intimidating

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  • No more messy cat eyes

    Both Xpress Khol and Aqua Khol eyeliners were easy to apply.  They went straight on, no having to keep applying. 

    The colours are great feel they complement my eye colour. Would definitely purchase them again.

  • Got lips like Kylie Jenner

    The Aqua Kiss lipliner is very long lasting and very easy to apply and is extremely pigmented.

    The Extreme Gloss lipgloss is easy to apply as well and feels nice on your lips and isn’t sticky and the packaging is very cute.

  • Flawless foundation

    The Perfekt Skin face primer worked brilliantly, my foundation stayed on all day, very smooth on my face and easy to apply.

    The Liquid Silk Foundation is very long lasting, easy to apply and very pigmented. The shade matched my skin tone well and blended nicely.

  • Mesauda is perfect for me

    The Xpress Brows eyebrow pencil is perfect for my skin tone and the colour is a match for my eyebrow colour. The Volumissime mascara made my eyelashes look very full and they made my eyes stand out.

    The Dip Liner eyeliner was easy to apply and it dried more or less straight away. I love the Icona lipstick, it was lovely and vibrant and it didn’t smudge. And I love the colour as well.

  • Long lasting, rich colours

    The colours of the Shine Flex nail polish are excellent and very rich.

    Unlike other brands that require 3-4 coats, these nail polishes only need 1-2 coats! They also don’t chip as well and leave a very glossy finish.

  • My makeup stays all day

    I love this foundation (Perfect Skin Foundation), it stays on all day. It’s so easy to apply and blend with my make up.

    The Definitive mascara is amazing, it adds so much length to my eyelashes and I love it.

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Elegant eye makeup by makeup artist Vivien Szabo at Professional Beauty
Unique makeup work by makeup artist Vivien Szabo at PB 2015 London
Beautiful makeup by makeup artist Vivien Szabo at PB London 2015
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